We will build you dream house!

SIP panel houses:

A building system that is very powerful, energy efficient and cost effective. When building houses from SIP panels, you save time, money and work. And they are just the main advantages that could characterise the value of SIP panels in today's building market.

Wooden frame houses:

Wooden frame buildings - this is the type of private house construction that has already won great popularity in both the European Union and North America, contributing to the return of people from concrete to living in a cosy and natural environment. The technology of wooden framing houses has preserved the benefits of traditional wooden buildings and reduced their flaws, becoming one of the most convenient, fastest and most secure low-rise building construction methods.

Container type houses and offices:

Container type houses and offices: At low construction costs, containers are perfect construction material, because they include all the necessary features: no need to worry about fire, mold and termites. Metal containers like construction material are more durable than timber. Container houses are more resistant to storms and earthquakes due to metal framing. Because of the mobility, container houses can be built in advance and moved to the required location or be easily built on the site that is convenient for both builders and consumers. The time needed for building housing from metal containers decreases by as much as 40% compared to other construction solutions. The low cost of containers and the relatively short time it takes to make the container a usable space provides an efficient cost structure.

ICF type houses:

The ICF technology is based on the production of solid-form molds for concrete. When the mold is on a single floor and there are openings for windows and doors, the mold is filled with concrete using a pump. Concrete becomes a building's structure, but ICF elements serve as insulation.

Polyurethane residential and camping houses:

Taking into account the worldwide practice, polyurethane residential and camping houses are developed within our company to meet the needs of customers all over the world which includes:

  • Quick installation;
  • High-quality interior decoration;
  • Possibility to stay comfortable during the winter;
  • Financially beneficial for long-term use.

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